Reference and Research Unit

This is the unit that houses the Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, bibliographies, biographies, yearbooks, hand books and Gazettes. These library materials are very important and so, they are not loaned to users. The Reference and Research Unit also answer users’ queries and offer information-based services that are factual and authoritative. The Reference Unit is headed by;

Mr. Matthew Ugwu.

Medical Library

Medical library is situated at the College of Medicine of the University. It is some sort of special library for medical students and other users from medical related disciplines. This library houses medical information resources and provides information services for meeting the information needs of the users. The medical library houses up – to – date medical textbooks, medical literature, handy reference resources in medicine and Databases of serial and journals in medicine/ medical sciences. The Medical Library is headed by;

Mr. Nelson Ezukwoke, (B.Ed LIS, MLIS, CLN)

Digital Library

ESUT digital library is a branch of the library that disseminates and preserves information in a digital format. The division contains electronic contents in form of devices and information. These electronic contents include; computers, projectors or any other computer related devices and e-resources  – e-books, e-journals, and databases.

This section mainly gives the patrons an opportunity to access digital collections, and other functions such as; giving round the clock services, dissemination of information services, and current awareness services.

The division is divided into three;

  • Online public access catalogue section           (OPAC),
  • Institutional repositories section and
  • Archives section. The main objective is to promote distance education, encourage teaching, Learning and research in the institution.

ESUT Digital library is managed by

Mrs. Ugwu Constance Nnenna

Digital Librarian

Post graduate diploma in LIS (PGDL)

Masters in LIS. (MLIS)

Binding and Book Maintenance Unit

This unit skillfully reinforces books of weak bindings with hard materials. They rehabilitate and repair worn-out or even damaged books. They also bind together periodicals, newspapers and journals for preservation. They also handle binding of students’ materials like projects (long essay) and textbooks. They produce library book pocket and envelop from time to time. The Binding and book maintenance unit is headed by;

Mrs.  Anthonia Chime.

Cataloguing and Classification Unit

This unit undertakes the description of library resources. They also highlight the data about the materials in respect of the contents, appearance, author, title and other bibliographical details. Cataloguing and classification functions are performed with standard tools such as Anglo American Rules 2 (AACR 2), library of congress subject heading (LCSH) and library of congress schedule. They also do online cataloguing with Library of congress database. The unit also uses Cutter-Sanborn author number table to ensure uniformity and consistency of bibliographic details and assign call numbers that aids in the proper placement and easier retrieval at the time of need or use.

The Cataloguing and classification unite is headed by; Mrs  Ifeyinwa Loveth Nneji, B.Ed. LIS, MLIS. Assistant Librarian.

Collection Development Unit

This unit is responsible for identifying, selecting and acquiring library and information materials through purchase, exchange and gift or legal deposit. They take survey of available materials in the library, do necessary withdrawal of outdated materials to keep the library stock up-to-date and balanced.

They undertake selection of library resources through Bibliographies, publishers’ catalogues, faculties, school and committee recommendations. They also brand and accession acquired library resources.

The Collection Development Unit is headed by; Mr.  Attama F.O.

Serial section of the library

This is a section in the library that acquires, processes and manages all periodical publications that are issued in parts, usually bearing issue numbers, vol. and dates. These publications includes; all journals, newspapers, magazines, bulletins, government publications, conference proceedings, seminar and workshop papers.

The section is headed by Orji Ferdinand

Serial Librarian

Library special collection

This section of the library retains resources in a variety of formats that are distinctive and have intrinsic value to the institution. Special collections resources includes; rare books, genealogy materials, archives, local history, theses and books from local authors.

This section of the library organizes and manages all the physical repositories of the institutions.

Headed by Mr. Aloysius Ngwu

Special collection Librarian

Circulation Unit:

This unit is responsible for displaying books on the shelves for readers, lending and discharging of books to interested borrowers. They are also responsible for shelving and re-shelving/shelf-reading of used books.

This unit aids library users with reading spaces, chairs and tables and other facilitates for their comfortable use of the library. They also provide readers advisory services. 

The Circulation Unit is headed by; Mr. Christian Madu.