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Digital Library

ESUT digital library is a branch of the library that disseminates and preserves information in a digital format. The division contains electronic contents in form of devices and information. These electronic contents include; computers, projectors or any other computer related devices and e-resources  Рe-books, e-journals, and databases.

This section mainly gives the patrons an opportunity to access digital collections, and other functions such as; giving round the clock services, dissemination of information services, and current awareness services.

The division is divided into three;

  • Online public access catalogue section           (OPAC),
  • Institutional repositories section and
  • Archives section. The main objective is to promote distance education, encourage teaching, Learning and research in the institution.

ESUT Digital library is managed by

Mrs. Ugwu Constance Nnenna

Digital Librarian

Post graduate diploma in LIS (PGDL)

Masters in LIS. (MLIS)